Thursday, May 19, 2016

TT02 FRD: Swapping Eagle Parts to Reduce Front End Play

I really like my Eagle Racing TT02 FRD, and plan on keeping it for a while. If I have one main complaint about the chassis it is the excessive amount of front end slop it has. I have changed rod ends, and shimmed up places as much as I could, but there are some things that can't be fixed as easily without causing binding. The stock upper arms are one of the main culprits here. Despite having a seriously long pivot shaft, the arms were designed too narrow, and due to manufacturing tolerances, this created a lot of slop in some cases.

I think Eagle listened to it's customers and team drivers, and chose to make this better on the new TT02 RWD chassis that was recently released.

Good news! These parts will fit the TT02 FRD as well. Here is what you need:

You won't use the pivot shafts that come with these arms, but everything works on the stock FRD pivot shafts. After installing these, the amount of play in the upper arms is reduced greatly. It really tightened up the front end on my chassis.

As you can see, these arms are nearly twice as wide at the pivot which is the key to reducing the play. For me it was a worthwhile upgrade.


  1. Nice... I also noticed the same issue with my FRD and they'd addressed it with the RWD. Good to know it's backwards compatible.

  2. What exactly is the pivot shaft that you don't use with this part?

    1. The new arm assembly comes mounted on a shorter pivot shaft. Don't use that one. Use the original one on the FRD.

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  4. Thanks for sharing. I just bought some online and can't wait to try them out.