Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Respect the Drift!: Hobbytown Mooresville Drift Comp

Our local track, Hobbytown USA, in Mooresville, NC held a drift comp this past Sunday, February 22nd.  The name of the event was "Respect the Drift" since that is the mantra we have when sliding together, and what we try to instill into new drivers.  The turnout was good, and lots of nice rides came out to battle.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TT02 FRD: Changing the Rear Gearing

After initially running my TT02 FRD with the recommended 10.5T motor, it seemed a little slow even with the timing bumped up.  Eagle hasn't released an alternate gear set specifically for the TT02 FRD, but they do have a countersteer gear set for the regular TT02.  By adding the TT02 FRD Joint Cup Shaft to the countersteer gear set, you are supposed to be able to use those gears.  The stock gears on the FRD are 39/15.  The CS gears are offered in 27/16 , 25/16, and 22/16.  I received all the parts that are required, and they can be made to work, but it is not a simple "drop in" operation.

The Joint Cup: