Friday, December 26, 2014

Eagle Racing Dampers: A Cheap Fix for Sticking

The Eagle Racing dampers, that come in their poplar offerings, are similar to other dampers on the market, specifically Tamiya.  They are machined well, and have a nice finish overall, but have one main shortcoming.  They tend to be sticky out of the box, and don't provide smooth, free suspension movement.  Many folks may upgrade to a nice set of TRF dampers, or dampers from another manufacturer.  If your budget is tight, there is an easy and cheap fix to the sticky dampers, that will improve them a great deal over stock.  This mod was mentioned in Patrick's  YouTube video of his R31 setup, and I am documenting that mod step by step.

The only thing required for the mod is four Dubro 4-40 nylon washers, or alternatively you can use the spacers that come in the Tamiya TRF Damper Rod Guide & O-Ring set (53574).  The spacer is approximately 2mm thick, and can be seen in the pic below.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Finishing up the Chassis

I had a little bit of a delay finishing the chassis up, because I needed a longer sensor cable for my Speed Passion 10.5 motor.  While I was waiting, I went ahead and made a simple mount for they gyro.  It is made from a small piece of extruded aluminum.  I like mounting the gyro this way, because I can mount it more securely to the chassis using the bracket.  I also use two pieces of double sided tape on the back side to minimize the vibration that the gyro sees.  I have had good results using this method.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Moving to the Front

With the rear finished up for the time being, it is time to move towards the front.  The first thing to install is the steering servo.  This is pretty straightforward, using the hardware that comes with the chassis kit.  Eagle Racing did a nice job getting the angles of the linkage correct in relation to the steering wiper and servo arm.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Rear Initial Setup

I would liked to have built this chassis completely from a kit of parts, but they only sell it already assembled.  I am going to go through each part of it to check and setup everything to my liking.

First are the rear shocks.  They don't come with oil in them, so remember to add that.  I am starting out with the red, soft springs in the rear and 20W shock oil.

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Chassis Detail Shots

Here are some detailed shots of the Eagle Racing TT02 FRD production chassis, as it comes out of the box.  There a lot of nice parts and details.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Unboxing

Picked up the new Eagle Racing TT02 FRD Chassis Kit tonight.  This Chassis has been anticipated for a few months now, and it is finally here!

As it comes packaged from Eagle Racing:

Breaking the seal:

Carbon Effect Hood: HPI RX-8

It takes a little bit if effort, but I really like using the carpet tape method for simulating carbon fiber body panels.  Start things off, by tinting the panel with Tamiya PS-31 "Smoke".  I use 3-4 light coats depending on the desired color at the end.

Next, starts the hard part...The carpet tape is VERY sticky and can be tricky to work with, and apply.  I like to plan all the strips out (it takes multiple strips to do a panel) using paper templates that match the width of the tape roll.  Be sure to make them slightly over sized around the borders of the panels.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vector Cam: Shooting Both Ways

Here is a new video using the Vector Cam.  I have it set up now where it will record facing forwards or backwards.  Still tweaking the design a little.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wheel Choices: HPI RX-8

I am currently looking at two wheel options for the RX-8.

 MST G25 in Black Chrome:

Mikuni ULTIMATE GL in Purple:

The body will also end up having a side graphic that will coordinate with the wheel color.  The black chrome goes well with the carbon fiber hood and wing, but I think the purple adds a little more visual interest.  Right now I am leaning towards the Purple GLs.

Vector Cam: First Video from Prototype

Some video from a RC sized vector mount for a GoPro.  Once I get the prototype finished up, I plan to show how it is made, and all the parts needed.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Starting the Painting Process: HPI RX-8

The next order of business is starting the painting process.  For this body, I am using Tamiya Silver as the main color.  It is backed with some Tamiya Black.  I typically like to paint the inside of my bodies with black once the other colors are done.  It helps give it a finished look.

I also started the process for making the carbon fiber hood.  It all starts by using some Tamiya Smoke Tint.  I used 4 light coats to get the shading that I wanted.

The next step is the most difficult part...applying the carpet tape underneath.  I will detail that process in my next post.

New Body: HPI RX-8

I started working on a new body.  It will be for the new Eagle Racing TT02 FRD that I am expecting to be released soon.

After trimming it out with a fresh razor blade, I tape up the things that shouldn't get painted.  The window masks that come with the bodies are usually not very good for producing a quality job.  I like to use the green 3M tape that is used for autobody work.  You can cut a nice edge with it, and the paint does not bleed under the edges like most masking tapes do.

I masked off the hood as well.  I plan on simulating carbon fiber using the carpet tape technique.  I will document that process along the way.