Sunday, August 14, 2016

Project 963K: Something a little different

I decided to take a break from RC drifting for a bit, and started a new RC related project. A couple of months ago, while browsing a 3D printing blog site, I stumbled upon a really cool project where a guy designed and 3D printed a CAT D10 dozer that was radio controlled. He made a cool build thread over on the RC Truck and Construction forum.  3D Printed D10T Build 

Once I saw this project, I knew that I wanted to try something similar. It combines many of my current and past hobbies into one complex project. First I needed to decide what I wanted to build. That part was easy...a CAT Track Loader. When I was a kid some of my earliest memories were from watching a track loader dig foundations and grade dirt in my neighborhood as houses were being built all around us. My childhood career aspiration was "being a bulldozer driver". I had Tonka construction equipment, and one of my favorite Lego sets was a cool track loader. So, yeah, that all left a permanent impression.

For this project I chose something that I have not seen modeled before; the CAT 963K Track Loader.