Saturday, November 7, 2015

Project Bad Bunny: Intro and Body Prep

I am finally getting around to a project that I have been wanting to build for quite a while. The Demi Works Rocket Bunny conversion for the Tamiya FD RX-7 has been in my sights since it first came out. With some other projects out of the way, it is time to get started.

The Demi Works kit is pretty nice overall but, as mentioned by others, the lexan is a little different in how it cuts, so I changed my normal procedure for trimming it out.

I normally score all my body lines with a fresh X-acto blade, and break/peel the lexan away at the scribe lines. While using this method, I encountered a big problem when cutting out the over fenders. I had two of them break in half while removing the scribed lexan.

I've been working with lexan bodies for over 20 years and I have never had one break cleanly like this. Very strange. I contacted Demi Works about the problem and they sent me a replacement fender set right away, citing a bad piece of lexan. Good customer service on their part, and very appreciated.

This made me nervous about cutting the new set out so I changed my method. I bought a new set of straight and curved lexan scissors, practiced with them a little, then used them to cut out the new set. With some patience the result is very nice.

The nose of the Tamiya RX-7 needs to be cut off in order to use the Rocket Bunny nose included in the kit. You can choose to keep the stock nose if you want to keep that look. I simply cut it along the body lines.

I chose to use the headlight supports in the Rocket Bunny nose and cut away the ones from the stock body, leaving a small lip to help align the new nose.

The Demi Works nose fits well, but has a couple of awkward transitions where the bumper cover meets the fender and where the hood meets the bumper cover. Careful gluing should keep these areas from being very noticeable. I chose to drill out the five little light holes on each side below the headlights. I plan to use fiber-optic lighting there.

All trimmed up. This can be a lengthy process if you want good results.

Just like the real Rocket Bunny kit it is a good idea to trim away some of the wheel openings on the stock body. It serves two purposes. First it will help it look nicer, and second it will make it easier to apply adhesive when joining the fenders to the body.

All taped up and ready for some paint. I have a nice color in store for this one. I think I have mentioned it before, but I really like the green 3M auto body masking tape. It leaves a clean edge, has good adhesive, and can stretch a small amount.

I will paint and start the assembly process in the next part of the build.

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