Sunday, November 15, 2015

Usukani D4 Cabon Option Set: Overview and Detailed Pics

Usukani recently released their carbon option set for the 3 Racing Sakura D4. It's available in either black or silver carbon. Both look great, and I chose black for my build. The set includes the main chassis, upper deck, front and rear shock towers, front bumper support, rear battery mount, and a spur gear holder.

The main chassis looks really nice, with a good carbon pattern. It has nice styling with some relief cuts in various spots on the bottom of the chassis. It is 3mm thick vs. the 2.5mm thickness of the stock chassis. The machining is clean and consistent, and all the countersinks are nicely done.

There is a nice large vented area in the back for motor cooling, and it has some extra machining done to help provide extra clearance for the motor.

On the underside there are holes for mounting the servo on both sides of the chassis, instead of just the right side like the stock chassis. This gives some extra steering options, as well as the ability to go dual servo steering.

The upper deck is styled similar to the main chassis. It is 2mm thick which is the same as the stock upper deck. There is a relief cut in the front to provide some extra belt clearance for anyone using it with AWD.

The front and rear shock towers are really sturdy, and are made from 4mm thick material compared to the stock 3.5mm towers. They feature all the same mounting holes/geometry as the stock parts, but include some extra holes that will no doubt be used for future Usukani upgrades.

The front bumper support is made of 2.6mm carbon and it styled to match the rest of the chassis parts.

The rear position battery mount plate is 2.7mm thick compared to the stock 2.6mm. It has all the same mounting holes as the stock mount.

The spur gear holder/brace is an interesting addition to the kit. It works just the same as the stock plastic part, only with a little more style.

Overall it is a nice upgrade set that provides better looks, styling, and chassis rigidity for the D4. I plan on installing the parts on mine in the coming days and will post some more pics after it is complete.

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