Monday, January 26, 2015

TT02 FRD: More Bling from Eagle Racing

Been doing a few more upgrades to the Eagle Racing TT02 FRD.  First up is a nice, heavy duty servo mount.

It is really nicely made, comes with all mounting hardware, and best of all... is around $5.  Hard to beat that.

It really looks nice with the rest of the aluminum parts on the chassis, and makes the servo mounting about as solid as it can get.  It does move the servo out about 3mm from the centerline of the chassis, so be sure to add a spacer to the back of the servo arm to compensate.  I actually had to install a longer ball stud in order to put the spacer in there.

Next up is something that I knew was coming, but was surprised at how soon Eagle Racing started producing it... the aluminum gear case.

Again, a nicely made part with a great anodized finish.  In addition to looking nice, it is also heavier than the stock plastic unit.  My scales weigh the bare case in at 44g, compared to the stock case weighing 26g.  After removing the stock gear case from the chassis, simply open it up and swap the gears and bearings directly over to the aluminum case.

The factory grease was cleaned off the gears, they were inspected for wear, and some Tamiya ceramic grease was applied.  I also removed a shim from behind the pinion in order to keep the mesh as smooth as possible.  As you can see, the gear reduction in this unit is huge.  I have a different gear set to install from Eagle, but it still needs a longer input shaft, which I should have fairly soon.  Then it was all put back into the chassis.  Everything fits perfectly, and is reassembled with ease.  Eagle also includes new screws that seem to have a little better tolerance with the 2mm hex driver, in case your stock ones get rounded while trying to remove them.

A perfect match that really finishes off the rear of the chassis perfectly.

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  1. Where do you bought this aluminum gear case? I can't find it...