Friday, January 9, 2015

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD Update: Brakes and Weights

Just a quick update on a couple of new additions to the Eagle Racing TT02 FRD.  First order of business is a brake upgrade.  Eagle Racing makes a really nice disk brake kit that comes in several colors.  Be sure and order the set that fits the R31 chassis, as it also fits the TT02 FRD.  I picked the light blue color that matches the rest of the chassis.  The kit comes with four nice aluminum calipers, rotors/hexes, and all the hardware needed to install them, including shims to take up any play in the axles, if needed.

Installation is pretty straightforward, and goes pretty quickly.  I ended up not needing to use any shims to keep the end play correct in the drive axles.  Use a little loctite on the screws, and be sure to match the directional rotors on each side.  They add a nice detail to the chassis.

Close up:

After doing some initial weight tuning with some stick-on weights, I wanted to clean up the look of the chassis some.  Eagle Racing hasn't released their extra weights for the FRD yet, but I was able to source some that were similar to what they are using for a very reasonable cost.  This spacer is 20mm tall, 8mm in diameter, and weighs right at 7g.  I added a couple different sizes and materials to the Mod19RC Amazon store if you don't want to go searching for them.

It took three of them across the back to get the equivalent weight of the stick-on versions.  I also took the opportunity to shift it to the right side of the chassis to help even out the weight distribution. 30mm button head screws were used to attach them while retaining the factory weights.

Two more weights were added to the right side at the front and rear, using existing holes in the chassis.  This gets the L/R balance right where it needs to be with my layout.


  1. How do you feel the TT02 performs out of the box, or with a few small tweaks like you've done? I'm looking for my first RWD chassis, and this looks like a great option. Do you feel the need for any hop-ups (other than the gearing change) like knuckles or arms are needed?

    1. I feel that it performs really well out of the box, and you do not need to send much money to make it a great performer. All the mods that I have done so far have cost little to no money, and the car works great. You can do the o-ring mod to the stock shocks, and they will work very smoothly. All the parts that come with the kit are good, and you can work with them to make it better overall.