Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Project Bad Bunny: Status Complete

This project has taken some time, but I am happy with the end result. The primary goal was a dark and subtle style for this Rocket Bunny FD RX-7, and I think that goal was achieved. I have to give special thanks to P!PES RC Exhaust, who provided the awesome "BigAss CF Muffler" for this build. This is a brand new product for P!PES and I am honored to be a part of the introduction and advertisement for it.  As usual the quality is top notch, and the look is distinctive.

Full gallery after the jump...

Also used in this build was a P!PES V2 Light Kit. I really like the layout and compact size. The lighting effects are really cool as well. I will have more details on my install and the fiber optic bumper lights in a later post.

My makeshift studio setup.