Monday, September 21, 2015

Project Punisher S13 Part 2: A Few Details

Even though I plan to run this body regularly, I wanted to add a few details to enhance the overall look of the car.   The thing that probably has the biggest visual impact is a roll cage.  It is made from .134" styrene rod that is bent with heat where needed and glued together.  I painted it to match the blue in the Rockstar logo to offer some contrast.

I also made a simple dash and rear package shelf using some scrap lexan.  It is painted on the top with Tamiya PS-5 black, which gives the surface a satin finish.  The package shelf also has a realistic looking place for the rear tubes of the roll cage to land.  I really don't like seeing cages made where the bars are right up against the rear window, outlining it.  Not many real roll cages are made that way.

Yokomo S13 light buckets fit the D-Like body with very little modification for both the front and rear.  I usually mount them securely with hot glue, but I also like to seal them all the way around with silicone.  This keeps dust and dirt from getting into the lenses, which is nearly impossible to get back out.

Lastly, I added some mirrors and the PiPES backfire unit exhaust tip.   As mentioned in an earlier post, this thing is really trick and looks awesome with the integrated brake lights.

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