Saturday, September 12, 2015

PiPES Backfire Unit

I recently purchased a PiPES backfire unit, and really love this thing.

They can be purchased in a variety of configurations as single or dual exhaust, and include a pair of red LED functioning brake lights.  I chose a 12mm single exhaust for my soon to be completed S13 project.

The way it works is pretty awesome...

The unit plugs into the receiver in the ESC slot and the ESC then plugs into the unit itself.  There is a chip in the unit that contains all the logic for operation.  When you begin to apply the throttle the exhaust starts to faintly glow orange.  There is a red and a yellow LED inside that work together to make the orange glow.  As more throttle is applied, the brighter the exhaust glows.  When the throttle is released, a bright yellow flash comes from the exhaust... backfire!  Whether from full throttle or partial, it backfires when the throttle is released.  It is a great effect that looks perfect in low light conditions, and having functioning brake lights only enhances the realism.   We have been having some night sessions at Tri Acres RC Drift Circuit and the backfire unit looks awesome.  It provides a convincing effect when watching the car from behind, and when running the wall the yellow backfire illuminates the wall with each throttle input.

The unit is constructed really well, and made of durable materials.  The mounting tab is extremely sturdy and was actually a little tough to bend for my install.  But that means it should be able to hold up to the inevitable abuse that it will see in its life.  I mounted mine using an extra clamp from an Eagle Racing stealth mount set.  It clamps on to the stealth mount and is easy to adjust for position, height, and depth.

I chose to mount the unit right to the chassis on my Sakura D4.  It fits well and is a clean install. However, the brake LEDs end up being separated from the body.  I put a little bit of tape around them and wedge them into the light bucket holes on the body when it needs to be mounted.  Not ideal, but it works out ok.

Here is a little video of it in action:

As mentioned before, I think this a great product for adding even more realism to your RC drift car, or any RC vehicle for that matter.  Since I am in the USA I purchased my unit from Blackstar Hobbies, but you can also order direct from the PiPES website.

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