Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tri Acres RC Drift Circuit: A new life for the Charlotte, NC drift scene

It has been a while since I have made a new blog post.  Between being busy with other things in life, and the fact that the local track at Hobbytown USA closed in April, there has not been much of a drift scene here locally.  But thanks to the efforts of Patrick Salazar, we now have a new, and very nice drift track in Concord, North Carolina.  The Tri Acres RC Drift Circuit is officially open and is proving to be a great spot dedicated to RC Drift.  The surface is smooth epoxy and runs very nice.  Setups have been tricky for most so far, because this surface requires more balance, and a precise setup compared to the carpet we were running on.  Everyone is getting up to speed, and the cars are starting to get a lot closer.  Time to start working on some trains!

The layout is fun and challenging.  Patrick has made it look nice with barriers and some Eagle Racing curbs.

The first few weeks have had a pretty good turnout of cars.

Here is a short video from the grand opening:


  1. Hey RexRacer! I'm working around the Charlotte-Mecklenberg area for the next month and a half, and I was hoping to come hang out and maybe have you guys teach a noob a few things:) on FB, only Sunday's are advertised, I work M-F from 2pm-midnight and I was just wondering if there are any other times I come could play around? Thanks for your time:)

    1. Hey Gil. Yes, please come out sometime. It's a friendly bunch just trying to have some fun. The best way to keep up with when the track will be open is on the Tri Acres FB page. The 1st and 3rd Sunday evening schedule is fixed right now, but sometimes Patrick opens it up on Fridays if there is interest. Also, there will be RC drifting at Tuner Evolution on the 24th all day at the show. You can register online...gets you in the show half price too. Message Patrick Salazar on FB to see if there are any times the track could be open to work with your schedule. Hope you can make it out sometime.