Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Respect the Drift!: Hobbytown Mooresville Drift Comp

Our local track, Hobbytown USA, in Mooresville, NC held a drift comp this past Sunday, February 22nd.  The name of the event was "Respect the Drift" since that is the mantra we have when sliding together, and what we try to instill into new drivers.  The turnout was good, and lots of nice rides came out to battle.

The layout we have is fun, challenging, and has a nice flow.

Thanks to Patrick Salazar for organizing the event, and for taking the following pictures:

My Sakura D3 RWD at full lock... this chassis is pretty dialed right now.

My Eagle Racing TT02 FRD sliding nice... This chassis keeps getting better and better with tuning.

Ready for battle!

Toyota 86... Old vs. New.

The comp was a lot of fun, and a new format was used to make things a little more interesting: one practice run, and then two qualifying runs to set the ladder as usual.  From there the comp went Mortal Kombat style.  The two lowest qualifiers battled it out, and the winner took on the next highest qualifier, all the way to the top.  This format pairs drivers closer in skill level, and keeps the top qualifiers from crushing the bottom qualifiers and possibly discouraging them.  There is also the potential to battle all the way to the top regardless of where you qualify.  It seemed to have worked pretty well overall, and the 5th place qualifier managed to make it all the way to the podium.  Other drivers were able to climb up as well.

I had a good day, qualifying 2nd and then managing to finish 2nd overall.  It wasn't easy though.  I made a bobble in one of my runs against the 3rd place finisher, and that forced a One More Time which I was able to win and advance to the final.  The battle for the top step of the podium was epic. We both laid down solid runs each lap, and had to go OMT twice to decide the winner.  I had a shallow line after initiating in my final lead run, and I think that was just enough of a mistake to cost me the win... or forcing another OMT!   Congrats to Isaac for the win, driving another TT02 FRD!

Trophy (+prize!) shot:

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