Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Unboxing

Picked up the new Eagle Racing TT02 FRD Chassis Kit tonight.  This Chassis has been anticipated for a few months now, and it is finally here!

As it comes packaged from Eagle Racing:

Breaking the seal:

Pretty typical for Eagle Racing packaging.  It would be nice if they did a little more to protect the bottom of the chassis (mine seemed fine), but it is sturdy otherwise.

It comes with a manual that has all the parts listings, shows how the various components are assembled, and explains various setups using the included parts:

The standard Eagle gyro is included:

 It also includes a nice set of wheels and tires.  The tires seem like they are fairly grippy.  The wheels have a nice chrome finish and are 6mm offset.

 Next up is the rear weight tray and included weights.  The manual says they are each 5g, and you can optionally add 5 more weights on top for a total of 50g.

 These are the adjustable steering stop spacers...a nice feature.

 These are shims for fine tuning the belt tension in the transmission, and I think the hardware for mounting the body posts.

Also included are two additional sets of spings with different rates.

The included motor pulley, which is 16T.

Additional hardware, including inserts for adjusting the rear toe at the upright.  It can be adjusted between 0, 1, & 2 degrees.  Also are battery hold downs, and the ball end for the servo arm.

Lastly are the body mounts.  There are a few different sizes and shapes to pick from.

My initial impression of the production kit is very favorable.  Everything moves freely, and there is zero slop in the steering and suspension.  The only exception is the front upper control arms.  They have a small amount of play around the od of the shaft they pivot on.  I have had similar problems from Wrap Up upper arms as well, so it is not just an Eagle problem.  It takes a lot of precision to get that right with a mass produced part.  There are some nice included options, and the fit and finish looks great overall.  If this thing slides like the prototype, and there is no reason is shouldn't, I am going to be really happy with this thing for a while.  With all that is included, I think this thing will be hard to beat in the bang for the buck category.

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