Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD: Rear Initial Setup

I would liked to have built this chassis completely from a kit of parts, but they only sell it already assembled.  I am going to go through each part of it to check and setup everything to my liking.

First are the rear shocks.  They don't come with oil in them, so remember to add that.  I am starting out with the red, soft springs in the rear and 20W shock oil.

While I had the shocks off, I checked to see how free the suspension moved up and down.  It had zero play, which is nice, but it had a slight amount of drag.  I ended up replacing the plastic 1mm spacers in the rear of the control arm with some metal shims that added up to .75mm.  That was all it needed to be completely free and still have no play.

Eagle gave the car a nice rear shock tower with tons of mounting holes in a good pattern, but unfortunately, without adding spacers and longer screws to the top (and bottom) this is as far inward as they will go up top without contacting the shock body/cap.  I will try it this way first, and see if it works well.  Adding spacers should be no big deal if I need to move them inward more.

Next, I moved on to the rear weight bracket.  Eagle states that each weight is 5g.  I put them on the scale to verify...close enough.

I also wanted to see how much the screws and bracket added to the whole assembly.

The kit includes a couple longer screws for attaching the bracket to the chassis.  It looks nice and polished sitting back there.

Other than setting the alignment, that is all that needs to be done to the rear of the car for now.

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